MOOC: The Future of Work: Preparing for Disruption (The World Bank Group)

I have recently completed a MOOC (massive open online course) provided by the World Bank Group called  " The Future of Work: Preparing for Disruption " .   Topics included in the course; The changing nature of work Human capital: a new framework Lifelong learning: from birth to retirement Social protections and returns to work Investing in social inclusion With recent advances in technology the way we live, communicate and do business, are shifting and many routine and low-skill jobs will be eliminated by various types of  automation  and artificial intelligence. At the same time  innovation  will create new jobs in areas we may not even know about today; expectation is that many children currently in primary school will work in jobs as adults that do not even exist today. The course hammers home the message that individuals  and  countries around the world need to focus on and invest in human capital, i.e. the population’s health, skills, knowledge, experience and habits, to

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