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Following a few years of full time permanent work at J. Murphy & Sons and John Graham Construction, I am yet again taking on freelance assignments, ideally in and around the London area, but happy to do some travelling. I am continuously looking at ways of improving things and never ever happy with status quo or routine. I actively aim to provide a fresh perspective, to challenge what is taken for granted, and to identify / deliver solutions. I am happiest and provide the greatest outcomes when I am given the freedom to flex between different roles. Feedback includes: Very delivery focused and good at spotting problems and risks and taking action to resolve them  Has a positive, enquiring, business-like approach, and she gets things done  She worries about the right things; she usefully over-worries, which we need someone to do!  I have appreciated the “challenge” aspect she has brought to the team, it will help improve the quality of work produced.  I was delighted a

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