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Welcome to my website, where I showcase my professional life and things that inspire me.

Please get in touch if your team is overstretched and you need someone to 'help out', either in a specific role or more of a ‘wherever needed’ role. To me, working on interesting projects and with great teams are more important than a fancy title, high pay or a well-known company. 

Due to confidentiality, sadly, none of the many responses I have written as part of bid / tender submissions in the infrastructure and construction industry are shared. Neither are my policy drafting within energy (smart metering, offshore electricity, contracts for difference, energy bill, etc) nor various business plans and strategy work.

I am also ghost writing articles for all types of websites (sport, film, tech, life style, design, etc), but so far I am not sharing any of them here. These articles are always written in the voice of others to suit their particular websites or personal blogs. Please make contact to see examples of this work.

To get in touch please contact me via LinkedIn or send me an email.

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