Photo by Teresita Garit on Unsplash

An experienced and driven allrounder who gets things done; the more complex a task, the more I'll enjoy the challenge.

I was born and grew up in southern Sweden, but have called England home since 2003. I have a Masters of Science degree in surveying / civil engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH at LU). I also studied Technology Management in cooperation with the School of Economics and Management at Lund University.

Building on my desire to improve things and continuously develop new skills, and a foundation in engineering/surveying (Master of Science degree), my career has provided me with an unusual combination of experiences and skills.

I have valued farm houses in Sweden, let commercial property in the Baltics and investigated financing options for residential property in Poland, as well as drilled sewage tunnels 100m below ground in Hong Kong.

I worked for a former McKinsey partner as an internal consultant at a leading global telecoms company and as a Quantity Surveyor on a main London station in the United Kingdom. I led the winning bid for a 500 single bedroom acute hospital and negotiated room data sheets and project agreements for two other deals.

I have worked in Brazil and the US with telecoms strategy and for the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) developing the smart metering solution currently being rolled out in Great Britain. I was at Department of Energy and Climate Change when David Cameron promised everyone would be on the cheapest energy tariff. I have prepared the Energy Bill for House of Commons and developed the base contract used for Hinkley Point C.

I have also set up and run my own company and led voluntary work related to STEM, including Art (STEAM). In 2014 I founded an online quilting group and in 2018 I joined the UK board of an infrastructure networking group.

I have currently got eight books for sale on Amazon (all under pen names).