Profile - my many writing voices

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

All roles, no matter at what level one works, include plenty of writing; some more to the point than others. I have extensive experience of, and enjoy, creating strategies, business plans, executive summaries, contracts, new legislation, Q&A sessions, presentations, etc. The audiences varies all the time, e.g. company board, shareholders, public sector (for tenders), the general public and work colleagues. A few examples are included below.

Public sector policy writing

Writing public sector consultation and tender documents, leading strategy development and benefit management work, facilitating focus groups, preparing answers for prime ministers question time, and provide drafting for the new Energy Bill, and House of Commons committee questioning (Ofgem and Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom).

Due to confidentiality, sadly, I am not able to share any of my policy drafting within energy (smart metering, offshore electricity, contracts for difference, energy bill, etc).

Technical and bid / tender writing 

Developing pursuit strategy, key messages, leading the team, writing the submissions for large acute hospitals, town centre regeneration, railway stations, water works, bridge replacement and property development opportunities (John Laing, Murphy Group and John Graham, United Kingdom). Due to confidentiality, sadly, none of the many responses I have written as part of bid / tender submissions in the infrastructure and construction industry are shared. 

Developing business plans and investment strategies, carry out competitor analysis and based on those R&D evaluations for the company (Ericsson Telecom, Sweden)

Ghost / content writing

I am also ghost writing articles for all types of websites (sport, film, tech, life style, design, etc), but so far I am not sharing any of them here. These articles are always written in the voice of others to suit their particular websites or personal blogs. Please make contact to see examples of this work.